Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

July 9, 1755 Battle of Monongahela

This battle was one which England regretted afterwards. England's deliberate invasion into Ojibway Empire, is why this battle was fought. It was fought at what is now Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Battle of Monongahela was a part of Pontiac's War. Below is a list of Battles of Pontiac's War. Some 1,400 English Soldiers gave battle to between 300 and 600 Ojibway Soldiers, and were incapable of dominating them. At that time, Ojibway Soldiers could dominate white soldiers using only bows and arrows. They did have a need for gun powder. They frequently broke into white storage areas which contained gun powder and stole their gun powder or made gun powder on their own. They didn't care for guns. They knew they could dominate their enemies who had guns, using only bows and arrows. Once battle commenced after both Ojibways and their white enemies confronted each other, Ojibway Soldiers sought concealment in woods then commenced to shooting their arrows at English and French Soldiers who became enraged at their leaders for allowing them to stand out open. It didn't take long for Ojibway Soldiers to defeat their white enemies. After battle, over 1,000 white soldiers were dead or wounded. Over 500 had been killed. Ojibway casualties were less than 100. Battle of Monongahela was fought on Wednesday July 9, 1755.

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