Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

August 19-23, 1862 Battle of New Ulm

This battle occurred at New Ulm, Minnesota which was targeted by Ojibway Soldiers for destruction. On Monday August 18, 1862 Ojibway Soldiers commenced attacking whites in Milford Township, killing 54 and wounding many others. However, Ojibway military commanders real objective was New Ulm. On Tuesday August 19, 1862 Ojibway Soldiers launched an assault on New Ulm. Ojibway Soldiers may have numbered more than 100 but their first assault against New Ulm (a well fortified town of almost 1,000) was a failure. Within New Ulm, were around 300 armed white volunteer militiamen, who put up a good defense. On Saturday August 23, 1862 Ojibway Soldiers returned again but with far more soldiers, to attempt to destroy New Ulm. This latter attempt to destroy New Ulm was successful. Ojibway Soldiers dominated and went about setting New Ulm a blaze, destroying some 190 city buildings. On Sunday August 24, 1862 Ojibway Soldiers returned once more but fired only a few shots then left. After whites of New Ulm realized they could not defeat Ojibway Soldiers, they gathered their belongings and left their nearly destroyed city. Since New Ulm offered a lot of protection, casualties of New Ulm's defenders and inhabitants was only around 200 to 300, with maybe 60 to 70 killed. That includes casualties from Milford. Ojibway casualties are unknown. Battle of New Ulm was a part of Mullan Road War. A list of Mullan Road War battles is above.

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