Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The April 8, 1854 Battle of Ojo Caliente Canyon

After their defeat at the Battle of Cieneguilla, the enraged Americans wanted to retaliate. They raised a force of some 300 of their soldiers and 32 of their Indian allies soldiers, to search for the Anishinabek (Jicarilla Apache to white historians) who nearly wiped out the 60 American soldiers under First Lieitenant John Wynn Davidson's command. On April 8, 1854, the small American military force found a force of some 150 Anishinabe soldiers and their allies soldiers, and the Battle of Ojo Caliente Canyon was fought. Though the battle was won by the Americans, very few casualties occurred in the battle. Anishinabe casualties were 5 killed and 6 wounded. American casualties were none. This battle was fought in New Mexico.

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