Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The September 28, 1874 Battle of Palo Duro Canyon

From Fort Concho, Texas, a force of white soldiers led by Colonel MacKenzie, forced their way into Palo Duro Canyon where a significant population of Anishinabek lived. The selfish and spoiled rotten whites were not going to be satisfied until they had relocated all Indians out of the Texas panhandle. The white invaders launched a surprise attack on the Anishinabe settlement located in Palo Duro Canyon which drove off the inhabitants of the settlement. Afterwards, the selfish and spolied rotten whites destroyed the settlement and killed more than 1,400 of the horses owned by the Anishinabek. After this battle, many of the Anishinabek of eastern New Mexico, western Oklahoma, southern Colorado, and western Kansas agreed to relocate to Oklahoma but many more refused or, commenced yet another exodus to the north of Mexico. White casualties in this battle were 1 killed and an unknown number wounded. Anishinabe casualties were 4 killed and an unknown number wounded.

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