Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The September 1, 1857 Battle of Pima Butte

We will refer to this battle as being the first battle of the so called 1858-1859 Mohave War. White historians do not consider this battle to have been a part of any war between Indians and whites. We will however. After the series of battles were fought in the 1850-1853 Yuma War, the war gradually diminished to rare raids occasionally but it was not over. Just before the September 1, 1857 battle, Americans armed their Maricopa and Pima allies with their weapons and also joined them to fight the Anishinabe soldiers and their allies. Anishinabe ogimak were extremely upset with their own race joining with the evil whites to war upon their own race. They intended to force the Indian allies (the Maricopa and Pima) of the whites, to stay out of their war against the evil white race. Anishinabe soldiers and their allies, marched 8 days to reach the Maricopa village named Secate. After reaching the village they commenced to attack it.

They eventually captured the village then commenced to burning its buildings. According to white historians, the survivors called for support from nearby Pima villages (white forts probably or this battle's facts have been distorted) which was given. and after the soldiers reached Secate they launched a counter attack. According to historians, most of the Anishinabe soldiers and their allies (Apache, Mohave, and Yavapai) fled leaving the Yuma soldiers and a few Yavapai to battle the reindorcements sent to Secate. This battle has corruption emanating from it. Historians claim that the reinforcements battled the Yuma soldiers and defeated them. They supposedly killed and wounded 200 of the Yuma soldiers. Avoid this battle's historical records.

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