Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The September 8, 1861 Battle of Placito

Nearly a week after the Gallinas Mountains massacre, the commander of the supposed Confederate fortification known as Fort Stanton, one Lieutenant Pulliam, ordered several of his Confederate soldiers to mount their horses, then led them to the seen of the Gallinas Massacre. Unable to find the three dead bodies of the three Confederate soldiers killed in the Gallinas Massacre, Lieutenant Pulliam then led his soldiers back to Fort Stanton. After arriving back to the fort, they soon learned that the settlement of Placito, which was about ten miles from Fort Stanton, was being attacked by Anishinabe soldiers. Lieutenant Pulliam was ordered to take 15 soldiers to the besieged settlement of Placito, where they joined with many of the men of the settlement, to combat the attacking Anishinabe soldiers. After a bit of intense fighting the whites and their Mexican allies, forced the Anishinabe soldiers to lift their siege. They fled a short distance from Placito where more fighting occurred. They then agreed to end the battle. At least 5 Anishinabe soldiers were killed in the battle, with a few others wounded. White and Mexican casualties are unknown.

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