Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of Plum Creek

This August 12, 1840 battle, was fought near what is now Lockhart, Texas. The whites were obviously in a retaliation mood after they learned about the Council House Fight. After the Council House Fight (the event was supposedly a peace negotiation but Anishinabe ogimak had other things that were of concern), Anishinabe ogimak ordered their brave soldiers to launch massive raids against the whites to the east of San Antonio. Historians claim that it was the largest Indian raid against the United States. If that is correct, it simply means 100s, if not 1,000s, of whites were killed, wounded, or taken captive. These Anishinabe raids reached the Gulf of Mexico region and not too far from what is now Houston, Texas. Anglo whites first settled down next to the Brazos River just southwest of Houston, decades earlier. After carrying out their raids against the white invaders, the Anishinabe soldiers commenced their return to the San Antonio region. However, they had stolen so much property from the white invaders it slowed down their trek home. That allowed the white soldiers to catch up to them. In the battle that followed, the white soldiers killed an unknown number (white estimates put it at 87 while other estimates put it at only 12) Anishinabe soldiers, and an unknown number wounded. Of the 200 white soldiers who fought in this battle, 41 were killed, and an unknown number were wounded. The battle was fought about 27 miles south of what is now Austin, Texas which at the time was Anishinabe land.

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