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The Apocalypse

Prepare your citizens for possible catastrophes. What's this about? It's about white leaders proving to Native Americans, that they are not their brothers and sisters. White leaders are enraged. I recently made a video titled Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. Click Here To Watch Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. It has increased the hate and rage of them whites. This must be taken very seriously by all non whites. It tells me white leaders want catastrophes to happen. Non white leaders throughout the world must take action. We have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceptive.

The Battle of Queenston Heights October 13, 1812

This battle was fought near where present day Queenston, Ontario is situated. A force of over 7,300 white soldiers under the command of Major General Isaac Brock, had been instructed to force their way into the heart of Anishinabe southern Ontario. It was the second of two attempts by the whites to bring all of Anishinabe southern Ontario under white control. It was from the Lewiston, New York region where the large force of white soldiers commenced to march towards Anishinabe southern Ontario. They were met at the Niagara river by scores of brave Anishinabe soldiers who used cannons and howitzers they had made and captured earlier in the war, against the large invading white military force. The goal of the white military force was reinforcing the forts scattered in that region, which eventually became the major battleground of the war. The large white military force sailed to the Queenston region then landed in the early morning hours of October 13, 1812, and were immediately attacked by Anishinabe soldiers who were observing their movements.

From nearby Fort George, Major General Isaac Brock was alerted to the battle raging on nearby, then ordered a few detachments stationed at Fort George to ride with him to the scene of the battle. Brock was later killed in the battle. Many Anishinabe soldiers concentrated on the fleet of white warships on the Niagara river, by using the captured cannons and howitzers to bombard those ships. In response to the Anishinabe bombing of the ships, a group of white soldiers were instructed to battle the Anishinabe soldiers bombing the ships on the Niagara river. Throughout the long battle the white military force was never capable of driving off the large Anishinabe military force battling them. About all the whites could do was retreat to the safety of the nearby forts. In the major battle white casualties were 1,384. Nearly 1,000 of that total number were captured by the prophesy weary Anishinabe soldiers, who either killed them all later on or enslaved them.

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