Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

April 28, 1760 Battle of Sainte-Foy

Since whites now fully controlled Quebec City, they possibly thought Anishinabek would stop any more further attempts to capture Quebec City. They were wrong! In April of 1760, a large force of brave Anishinabe Soldiers were instructed by their military commanders to once again march to Quebec City, to attempt to capture that French city, which was well fortified. Battle of Sainte-Foy was a part of Pontiac's War. A list of Battles of Pontiac's War is below. Them French early on built large stone walls around not only Quebec City, but all their other large settlements between Montreal and Quebec City. That region was a frequent war zone. After learning that another large force of Ojibway Soldiers were attempting to reach Quebec City, English and French in Quebec City, raised a force of nearly 4,000 soldiers to immediately leave Quebec City to reach that large force of brave Anishinabe Soldiers who were heading towards Quebec City. They met and battled with brave Anishinabe Soldiers on April 28, 1760 and were defeated by them. They were forced to return to Quebec City to seek safety of Quebec City’s fortified position. White casualties in Battle of Sainte-Foy were 452 killed and 1,469 wounded.

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