Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of San Jacinto

After executing the 309 white prisoners at Goliad, Texas, one last battle was fought in the so called Texas War of Independece. On April 21, 1836, new white reinforcements arrived to the war zone. That be Texas of course. They numbered over 900 at this battle, while the number of Anishinabe soldiers was 1,360. This battle was fought near what is now La Porte, Texas, which is near the Houston, Texas region. This battle has great suspicion emanating from it. Supposedly it lasted only a short 18 minutes. In that 18 minutes, the white soldiers supposedly killed and wounded 838 of the Anishinabe soldiers, and captured 730. White casualties were only 9 killed and 30 wounded. We are not stupid. We know this battle has a great deal of fabrication about it. Historians claim that the Anishinabe soldiers fled south of the Rio Grande after a treaty was agreed to, after this battle. That is not true. The truth is the war for control of the Texas region was not over. Anishinabe soldiers controlled central (that includes San Antonio) and west Texas. The whites controlled east Texas. Texas would stay an extremely unsafe location up to the 1880s. Anishinabe soldiers used the Texas region to send their people, other Native Americans, and blacks to the north of Mexico. It was the Anishinabe Nation which won this war. However, the war for control of Texas would drag on for several more decades. Though historians claim that the 1841 Battle of Bandera Pass was the first battle in which all American soldiers used revolvers, this 1836 battle suggests otherwise. We are not stupid.

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