Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Short Hills June 26, 1777

With the Anishinabek still controlling much of New Jersey, west of New York City, the English were anxious to bring all of New Jersey and the Philadelphia region back under their control, but they need to drive off the Anishinabe soldiers stationed around New York City to do that. The whites largely depended on necessary supply of weapons of war and also food, and that required that the English sail back to Europe, then back to their colony in North America, which took as long as three months to do. However, the English were slowly building up their supply of modern day weapons of war, including receiving many German recruitments. A force of 17,200 white soldiers met and did battle with a much smaller Indian military force and didnít do so well. The Anishinabek bravely fought the much larger white military force, but was forced to retreat from their enemies assault, towards a swamp. From the swamp, the Anishinabe military force was forced to retreat to near Westfield. White casualties were 117 killed, wounded, and captured.

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