Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

September 9-10, 1876 Battle of Slim Buttes

This battle was fought in South Dakota. At what is now a present day South Dakota county known as Harding. Historians insist that Americans were going back to Black Hills for supplies, but their plans were definitly much more sinister. Battle of Slim Buttes was a part of Mullan Road War. A list of Mullan Road War battles is above. On Wednesday September 9, 1874 (this battle was probably a part of Custers 1874 Black Hills Expedition) or Saturday September 9, 1876, 150 American Soldiers under command of Captain Anson Mills, located a small Ojibway fortified village of around 400 Indians, and by early next morning, they had surrounded their fortified village then commenced their assault. Several Indians were killed initially but most managed to escape to nearby Anishinabe villages, where close to 1,000 Anishinabe Soldiers were raised up to aid their village being attacked. This battle may have actually been fought in September of 1876.

When those 1,000 or so Ojibway Soldiers arrived to their comrades besieged fortified village, American Soldiers had been reinforced and now numbered about 1,000. After American leaders realized that a large group of Anishinabe Soldiers were now counterattacking, they ordered that a perimeter be set up to protect their machine guns and howitzers. Evidently a group of brave Anishinabe Soldiers, attempted to break through one of those American perimeters to probably attempt to take American machine guns out, but it failed. By September 10, American Soldiers ended their assault on that village then set off for Black Hills where they were stationed at. Indian casualties in Battle of Slim Buttes, were around 10 killed and an unknown number wounded and 23 captured. American casualties were around 16, with 3 killed. This battle may have been fought in Montana. If it was fought in South Dakota, it's an only known battle of this war fought there. American Soldiers trekked to Black Hills after Battle of Slim Buttes. Black Hills are located in Montana, south of Great Falls.

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