Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Sullivanís Island June 28, 1776

Sullivanís Island was located near what is now Charleston, South Carolina. Anishinabe military ogimak (leaders) found the island to be a good location to keep a watch on any English ships attempting to reach Charleston, from either England or North America. On June 1, 1776, a fleet of English warships arrived to the Charleston, South Carolina region with the intentions of reinforcing the white English settlement. The white English military force of nearly 2,000 soldiers under the command of Maj. Gen. Henry Clinton, landed on Sullivanís Island by way of Long Island, which was not too far from the goal of their military assignment, which was to battle the brave soldiers of the Southern Anishinabe Confederation who were attempting to fortify their positions on Sullivanís Island just before the battle commenced on June 28, then commenced to use their cannons to bombard the Indians defensive works. It was to the English, one mishap after another. The Anishinabek obviously had supplies of English or Spanish cannons and gunpowder, in which they commenced to fire upon the nearby English warships, hitting two of those English warships hard enough to cause extreme damage to the warships. By the time evening arrived the remaining force of English soldiers and their warships retreated from the battle they lost. Over 200 English soldiers were either killed (76 killed) or wounded (167 wounded) in the battle for control of the Charleston region. After this battle the English had no choice but to concentrate their war efforts up in their northern colonies. Of the two locations, it was the north which was the more important to the white invaders.

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