Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

June 17, 1876 Battle of the Rosebud

This battle supposedly occurred shortly before Battle of Little Big Horn occurred, and not too far away. However, too much suspicion exists to claim a date this battle is recorded to have been fought, is correct. It may have been fought on June 17 of 1873, or a part of Custers 1874 Black Hills Expedition. You must remember that this battle was supposedly fought 1 mile from Crow Reservation. Battle of the Rosebud is a part of Mullan Road War. Above is a list of Mullan Road War Battles. Three American military forces took part in this military campaign that culminated at Custers Last Stand. One came from Fort Shaw led by Colonel Gibbin, and another force came from an eastern location or most likely Fort Benton led by General Alfred Terry (Custer was among them), and another came up from a southerly location including Fort Logan, who were led by General Crook. Crooks forced consisted of 1,050 American Soldiers and 261 of their idiotic Indian allies or 1,311. Terry's force supposedly consisted of 647 American Soldiers, and Gibbin's force may have been largest. It's possible American Soldiers from Fort Ellice were among Gibbin's soldiers. Total number of American Soldiers and their idiotic Indian allies, may have been between 3,000 and 5,000. I suspect their target was an Ojibway village at Great Falls of Missouri River. Nearly all American Soldiers and their idiotic Indian allies were killed. Those who were not killed, were saved by Colonel Gibbin who took Reno's survivors to Fort Shaw. American Soldiers stationed at Fort Benton, Fort Logan, Fort MaGinnis and Fort Shaw and other Montana forts, paricipated in a failed American Military Expedition against Ojibways of north central Montana. Total number of American Soldiers who participated may have been higher than 5,000. Ojibway casualties were very heavy. Afterwards, they commenced to plan an exodus to a western location.

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