Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

February 28, 1847 Battle of the Sacramento River

This battle was fought some 25 miles north of Chihuahua City. At the time, large numbers of Anishinabe people and their Indian and black allies, were drifting in to the north of Mexico. They entered the north of Mexico by extreme western Texas, between Laredo and what is now El Paso. Later on during the 1850s through the 1870s, they also used etreme southern Texas, between Laredo and Brownsville, to enter the north of Mexico. After the American soldiers under the command of Colonel Alexander Doniphan, had defeated the Anishinabe soldiers at the Battle of El Brazito which was fought in New Mexico, they forced their way into the region just north of Chihuahua City, where they had originally intended to go before the Battle of Brazito was fought. They numbered over 1,000 soldiers. Before the white invaders could reach Chihuahua City, a large Anishinabe Army of over 4,120 soldiers, attempted to stop the white invaders from capturing Chihuahua City. Something may be wrong about the historical information about this battle because of the heavy casualties the brave Anishinabe soldiers endurred during this battle which they lost to the white invaders. Supposedly 1,000 white soldiers killed 300 Anishinabe soldiers, wounded another 300, and captured 40, while they only endurred 2 killed and 7 wounded. There is something suspicious about this battle.

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