Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of the San Gabriels

This May 17, 1839 battle, was only a minor battle in which a few casualties were inflicted. By this time (about mid 1839) scores of Anishinabe people from the south of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio had reached the Kansas and Oklahoma region, then joined with their kinfolk in the north of Texas. At least 4 illegal white settlers (surveyors up to no dam good as surveyor indicates) were killed by Anishinabe soldiers, which prompted white leaders in Texas, to send a force of Texas Rangers after them. A battle was fought on the North San Gabriel River, in which at least 1 Anishinabe soldier was killed and a wagon train supposedly carrying weapons for supposed Cherokee Indians in the east of Texas, to use in an uprising against the whites in eastern Texas. No Cherokee lived in Texas at the time. White historians are robbing the Anishinabe people of their history. They will only go as far as claiming some Delaware, Kickapoo, and Shawnee were allied with the Cherokee in Texas.

The Anishinabe people who had just arrived to the Kansas and Oklahoma region, from the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio region (they be the Black River and Swan Creek Chippewa's), probably thought it be a good time to attempt to regain control of eastern Texas, from the invading whites. They had good reason to want to attempt to drive out the whites. After they merged with the Anishinabe people living in Texas and the other Indian Tribes and blacks as well, their population more than doubled in the Texas and northern Mexico region. However, the crooked whites had just invented the revolver. The Cordova Rebellion followed. White historians refer to it as the Cherokee War of 1839. You be a fool to believe the Cherokee allies of the whites actually fought that war.

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