Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of the Thames

Tecumseh was supposedly killed in this battle, but Tecumseh was an American spy working against Indians. Over 8000 American soldiers had begun a march to catch up to the fleeing English and Indians, then eventually caught up to them. In the battle that followed, around 100 English and Indians were either killed or wounded (75 were killed) by the victorious Americans. American casualties were 34 with 12 killed in battle. After this battle the Three Fires Confederation gradually withdrew from the war (the War of 1812), and that can be attributed to many unfortunate circumstances, especially the modern day weapons of war that their brave warriors needed to fight the evil white race. Anishinabe leaders knew that they couldn't trust the whites (both the Americans and English who were the same nation of course), and they likely were incapale of continuing to send their traders to the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico as well, to trade for modern day weapons of war.

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