Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of the Windmill November 12-16, 1838

This battle was fought near Prescott, Ontario which is about 50 miles south of Ottawa, Canada. Up to 300 Anishinabe soldiers and civilians battled a force of 1,633 white soldiers and lost. However, they did pave the way for 1,000s of Anishinabe people from New York, to flee to northern Quebec. They only needed to reach Ottawa. Just north of Ottawa a wilderness begins. White casualties were 17 killed and 60 wounded. Anishinabe casualties were 53 killed and 61 wounded. At least 136 Anishinabe people were captured but most successfully reached northern Quebec. After this battle the Anishinabe people in the New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont region ended their attempts to escape to northern Quebec and Greenland. In all, 10,000s of Anishinabe people from New Brunswick, New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont successfully escaped to northern Canada and possibly Greenland. However, for the Anishinabe people in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, southern Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio they knew they had to take another route. They packed their belongings in 1838 and commenced an exodus towards the Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas region. It is known as the Cherokee Trail of Tears. No Cherokee left on this Anishinabe exodus however.

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