Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The June 1866 Battle of Thistle Valley

After the Battle of Gravelly Ford, the whites sent an additional 350 militia to the war scene. It was not well received by the Anishinabek who continued their raids on white settlers and their livestock. A force of Anishinabe soldiers launched a raid into Utah Valley. After enterring Utah Valley, they discovered a force of militia named the Nauvoo Legion and attacked them, with what weapons they had which were probably more bows and arrows, than guns. For most of the day of the Anishinabe attack on the Nauvoo Legion Detachment, the Anishinabe soldiers dominated them. Only after a group of reinforcements arrived, did the white militia become strong enough to prevent the Anishinabe soldiers from winning the battle. Then after the arrival of the white reinforcements, another group of white reinforcements numbering near 130, arrived to the battle scene. After the three white militias merged, they agreed to attempt to drive the Anishinabe soldiers up Spanish Fork Canyon, which they commenced to do. However, the whites feared an ambush and ordered a retreat back to Sanpete Valley. The battle was indesicive.

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