Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Battle of Wisconsin Heights

In their attempt to elude from their American enemy, the Anishinabe people following the Seven Fires Prophecy, attempting to flee away from the whites, who were so full of greed and hate for them, had no choice but to defend themselves at the Wisconsin River in south central Wisconsin, in what would turn out to be a horrible defeat for the fleeing Anishinabek. After the battle ended, between 40 and 70 Anishinabek were killed and many more wounded but worst was yet to come for the Anishinabe people who were attempting to flee from the evil whites, who they knew from the Seven Fires Prophecy, had intentions to destroy them. Most of the Anishinabe people who fled on the exodus did sucessfully reach their destinations. In all, i would estimate about 30,000 or more Anishinabe people from the Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and southern Wisconsin region, fled on the exodus. Less than 1,000 were killed or wounded during the exodus. The United States learned from this 1832 event to let the Anishinabe people leave if they wanted to. Most, however, probably stayed in the Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and southern Wisconsin region. The Anishinabe people who battled the Americans and Dakotas at the Battle of Wisconsin Heights, were attempting to reach extreme northern Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Minnesota of course. This massacre occurred on July 21, 1832.

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