Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Battle of Young’s House February 3, 1780

Anishinabe soldiers were till patrolling the New York City region in early 1780. They were likely in search of food and weapons. The whites again went on the offensive during early February of 1780. This 1780 battle took place near Mount Pleasant, New York (it is located a few miles north of New York City), after the whites learned about the Indian presence near Mount Pleasant. A force of about 1,000 white soldiers set off from Fort Washington on the night of February 2, 1780, then reached the Mount Pleasant region a few hours later. The force of white soldiers made there approach to Mount Pleasant, then gave battle to a small force of Anishinabe soldiers there. After the initial sounds of battle commenced, the battle would last for a good 15 minutes. Not capable of withstanding the assault of their enemies, the brave Anishinabe soldiers were ordered to retreat, but a few fled to a house (Young’s House) to attempt to escape from their enemies. They made the wrong decision because the whites caught them there then killed them then burned the house down. It was another defeat the brave Anishinabek endured. White casualties in the short battle were 19 killed and 55 wounded. Before this battle was fought, another battle had been fought on August 29, 1779 in New York State. It is known as the Battle of Newtown. Around 4,600 white soldiers and their Iroquois allies, were sent off on a military expedition in late August of 1779. Anishinabe soldiers met and battled them and triumphed. White and Iroquois casualties were 26 killed and 40 wounded.

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