Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The 1852 Bloody Point Massacre

Not too long after the illegal white settlers commenced to invade California, they commenced to spread up to the northern most areas of present day California, into Anishinabe territory in extreme northern California and southern Oregon, where an Anishinabe population lived and was one that was large at the time. In response to the illegal white settlers crossing through their territory without their permission, Anishinabe military ogimak, ordered their soldiers to launch raids on the invading whites. One of these raids was an attack on a wagon train in which the Anishinabe soldiers killed 65 white settlers. It is known historically as the Bloody Point Massacre. Since the location of the massacre was not very far from Idaho, where ogimak Big Bear may have been living at the time (ogima Big Bear's son ogima Little Bear, claimed that his father lived along the Snake River in southern Idaho), it does indicate that the Anishinabe soldiers were being organized from the Idaho region, to launch raids against the illegal white settlers using the Oregon Trail to get to California, Oregon, and Washington. The whites would use treachery to retaliate against the Anishinabe Nation, soon after the Bloody Point Massacre occurred. The illegal white settlers obviously had revolvers but were not trained soldiers.

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