Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The April 30, 1871 Camp Grant Massacre

Ignore white historians accounts of this cowardly massacre carried out by the Americans. The United States wanted the constant Anishinabe diaporas to the north of Mexico to stop. This massacre was the first battle of the Americans Tonto Basin Campaign. Starting in February of 1871, the Americans commenced to trick Anishinabe people (white historians claim they were Apache or Yuma) into staying at Camp Grant, Arizona. They fed them (probably with food tainted with plagues) and treated them with much kindness. Come early spring of 1871, Camp Grants commander, Lieutenant Royal Emerson Whitman, established a refugee camp for the Anishinabe people about 5 miles from Camp Grant. It was the kindness of Camp Grant which attracted the Anishinabe people to move to Camp Grant. Soon some 500 or more Anishinabe people were living next to Camp Grant expecting to be fed by the whites. They were led by ogima Eskiminzin. In return for the food supplies, Anishinabe people helped the whites cut hay and harvest barley. Supposedly on April 28, 1871, a force of 6 whites, 48 Mexicans, and 92 Tono O'odham soldiers assembled to attack the innocent Anishinabe people at Camp Grant. We are not stupid. It was American soldiers who carried out this cowardly massacre. On April 30, 1871, the force of 146 American soldiers commenced to attack the refugee camp while most of the men were away on a hunt. After the cowardly massacre, 136 women and children were dead, while the other 8 were either men or elderly. The Americans once again badly mutilated the bodies of the women and children they murdered. Around 27 children were captured by the Americans and enslaved.

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