Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

March 26, 1856 Cascades Massacre

Still living in central Oregon and central Washington, Ojibway People were about to end a war against whites in Oregon and Washington, in what rightfully can be called an Ojibway vistory. Cascades Massacre was a battle of Mullan Road War. A list of Mullan Road War battles is above. On Wednesday March 26, 1856 they resumed their war against them invading whites by attacking and killing 17 whites, including three American Soldiers. Another 10 whites were wounded. Ojibway military commanders sent a detachment of their soldiers to a portage at Cascades of the Columbia which is 28 miles southwest of Yakima Reservation and 38 miles east of Portland. They knew a force of American Soldiers were on a trek east towards Cascades of the Columbia where they left 9 soldiers, and then reached a location some 5 miles from The Dalles. They were led by Colonel Wright. After Wrights soldiers left Cascades of the Columbia, Ojibway Soldiers commenced their assault on their white enemy. On Thursday March 27, 1856 Lieutenant Phil Sheridan along with 40 or so soldiers, reached that battle location by steamboat. After their arrival, fighting had ended. However, Indians who were allied with Americans, were forced to surrender. Sheridan possibly thought they took part in that battle. Wright returned on Friday March 28 and charged his Indian allies (their tribal name was Cascades) with treason. He ordered 9 of them to stand trial and they were found guilty and executed. Ojibway Soldiers had successfully halted an American advance east to eastern Washington. Improving that old Ojibway Road later named Mullan Road, had been stopped yet more fighting erupted in 1858.

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