Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Cherry Valley Massacre November 11, 1778

Unfortunately, Native Americans must deal with this tragic event that occurred on November 11, 1778, in south central New York State. A force of white soldiers and their Iroquois allies, attacked a village of Anishinabek in south central New York State. The village was likely a fortified position which was surrounded by a palisade, which early on prevented the whites from capturing it. However, they eventually broke through the defensive works then captured the village. White historians claim that the Iroquois killed 30 women and children afterwards. I believe the whites carried out the massacre as well, to avenge what happened to the scores of white settlers killed in the Wyoming Valley. About 16 Anishinabe soldiers were killed while defending their village from the white assault on their tiny settlement. It was not a good year for the brave Anishinabek. In the north, they had lost almost all they had gained but they still fought on. They still controlled the region from northern Pennsylvania and most of New York State, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Since they now were back in control of the region from southern New Jersey, up to just north of Philadelphia, over to just south of Albany, and extending straight to the Atlantic, the whites began to focus their attention on the southern Anishinabek and their Indian allies and black allies, who were waging a war against the English whites living southwards. In 1779, the whites would actually turn the war around and resume sending white military forces into the domain of the powerful Anishinabek. One of their goals was to send a force of white soldiers into the Illinois country where the main war commander of the Anishinabe Nation was headquartered. Of course, he was the great Ottawa ogima, Pontiac. That small force of white soldiers was sent to the Illinois region specifically to assassinate Pontiac. It really didnít matter because the main Anishinabe leaders were either located at Bahweting (Sault Ste. Marie) or at La Point, Wisconsin. They would continue the war with the whites.

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