Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Colonel Bradstreets October 18, 1764 Defeat

A year after Major Wilkins Defeat, another larger English naval fleet suffered a similar fate at Rocky River. It was far more devastating however than Wilkins Defeat in November of 1763. Bradstreets Defeat was a part of Pontiac's War. A list of Battles of Pontiac's War is below. Colonel Bradstreet led an English military force of 3,000 soldiers and 200 of their idiotic Indian allies, to where Fort Detroit is. On Thursday October 18, 1764 Bradstreet ordered his soldiers to decamp from where Sandusky, Ohio is. From descriptions of Bradstreets actions, he became determined to leave negotiations he was holding with Ojibway leaders at Sandusky. Bradstreet was in trouble with Ojibway leaders and he ordered his soldiers to quickly leave for Fort Niagara. Bradsteets naval force included 1,400 soldiers, 150 of their idiotic Indian allies, 59 bateaux or boats, at least one barge and 9 canoes. They reached Rocky River late on October 18, 1764. Another part of Bradstreets force of about same numbers or 1,400 to 1,500 soldiers, was instructed to follow Lake Eries coast back to Fort Niagara on land. After making landfall near Rocky River, they made camp but from out of Lake Erie came their fate. Again, historians wrote that a storm caused Bradstreets force to disintegrate. Within a very short time, 25 of Bradstreets boats and galleys had been destroyed by enraged Ojibway Soldiers who knew what them English had done from Fort Pitt and Fort Michilimackinac. Around half of Bradstreets naval fleet was destroyed and at least of half his 1,400 soldiers were killed and wounded.

Captain Montresor wrote: the young warriors of the Hurons, Ottawas and Jibbeways of Detroit who were on the point of proceeding against the Enemy in three parties, one against the Delawares and two against the Shaw-an-nese, which into four parties from our troops now intended immediately to strike upon the enemy. During our distress our savages (idiotic Indian allies) never offered us the least assistance. Remark this unfortunate accident must be imputed to the entire negligence of the troops. Proof it was a battle. We know who those idiotic Indian allies of them English were. Delawares and Shawnee's. English casualties are unknown but were significant. Survivors reached Fort Niagara in those remaing boats. Half of Bradstreets fleet was destroyed. I don't know what became of those 1,400 to 1,500 English Soldiers who trekked to Fort Niagara on land.

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Colonel Bradstreets October 18, 1764 Defeat

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