Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The 1861 Cook's Canyon Campaign

While the Anishinabe soldiers and their allies, were attacking white settlements in the Arizona-New Mexico region, during the summer of 1861, they also were busy killing hordes of illegal white settlers. Throughout the summer of 1861, Anishinabe soldiers were ordered by their military ogimak, to attack as many of the illegal white settlers in the Arizona-New Mexico region, as they could with what weapons they had. They killed 100s of white settlers and their Mexican allies, during this Cook's Canyon Campaign. The event is very similar to the warfare between the Anishinabe people of the eastern part of North America and the invading whites. It was very common for Anishinabe soldiers of the east, to launch devastating raids against white settlers. They killed 10,000s of them between 1630 and 1815.

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