Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Council House Fight

This event is one in which the great hatred both the Indians and whites held for each other, intervened. On March 19, 1840, a peace negotiation was held in San Antonio, to attempt to stop the constant war going on. White historians claim the Indians involved were Comanche but they were in fact Anishinabe. By this time (1840) all the Anishinabe people (the Black River and Swan Creek Chippewa's) who fled from the south of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio had settled down in Kansas and Oklahoma, then Texas. Supposedly the so called Comanche wanted the whites to recognize the boundaries of Comoncheria (Com-mon-cheria) which they knew from prophecy the whites would first commit suicide rather than agree to do. Also as a part of the peace treaty negotiations to be held, the Anishinabek were told to bring along white captives which they were most willing to do. On March 19, 1840, an ogima by the name of Ma-kwa-wa (bear ?) led some 65 supposed Comanche (they were really Anishinabe) to San Antonio.

San Antonio was in Anishinabe hands at the time. That means corruption is involved, or the supposed 65 Comanche were really 65 white officials who paid a visit to San Antonio to hold peace negotiations with the Anishinabe Nation who at the time called their nation Comoncheria. Sounds eerily similar to Mancheria! After the 65 white officials reached San Antonio, they were immediately in for a shock. They planned on negotiating for the release of white captives. Anishinabe soldiers showed one white female captive they had held for quite some time. Once she appeared before the 65 white officials, they immediately became enraged. She had been horribly tortured. Her nose had been burnt off. She was only 16 years old. What followed was the hatred. The 65 white officials became extremely enraged. In fact, they were so enraged a battle commenced in which 35 of the white officials were killed and 30 captured to be killed later or enslaved. Anishinabe casualties were 7 killed and 10 wounded.

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