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The Anishinabe Totems

Historians are wrong about their theories of the origins of the worlds totemic systems or caste systems. You must read William W. Warrens classic 19th century book "History of the Ojibway People," to learn about the true origins of the worlds totemic systems or caste systems. Warren learned from his Indian grandfathers, that the totemic system was initiated by five strange beings who emerged from the Atlantic Ocean. Sounds goofy but time travel was probably used, or the more probable cause, the whites killed William W. Warren to alter his book. So the five totems actually represent the five different white peoples who established colonies along the east coast of Canada and the United States. They be the Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and the Swedes. That means the Anishinabe people must drop (stop using) the totemic system. It has been corrupted. The sixth being Warren mentioned, probably represents both a threat and the nation of Portugal.

According to Warren, at first there were only 5 totems among the Anishinabek (the Atlanteans) but that eventually grew to more than 20. That is according to Warrens book. Most likely it was 20 or more since the onset. Each totem existed to serve a purpose in Atlantean society. The largest dodem or totem, was that of the military and police.


They represented about half the Anishinabe population. They are not a distinct tribe. They were ill tempered according to Warren who said that they were constantly on the lookout for fights. They patrolled the borders of the vast Anishinabe Nation and acted also as the nations police force. They were soldiers like no other soldiers. After the whites invaded they quickly responded to the dire situation. Many brave Anishinabe soldiers died fighting the white invaders and on too many occasions, the Indian allies of the whites. They tended to almost always defeat their enemies in battle. When at war against their foes they usually suffered far fewer casualties than that of their foes. Other totems or dodems, served for economic needs, education, religion, and that for medicinal needs and others as well.

Odawa (Ottawa)

This totem served as the merchants and workers among the Anishinabe people. They were usually smaller than the Chippewa's but after the whites invaded they had no choice but to also become soldiers. They were known to travel great distances to conduct the merchant activities of the Anishinabe Nation. When on the road, especially in the territory of other non Anishinabe Indians, they were probably accompanied by the Chippewa's.


Potawatomi means "Keepers of the Fire." Their role in Anishinabe society is not very well known by me but it must have been an extremely important role in Anishinabe society. Of course, white historians are trying to fool the Anishinabe Nation into believing that the Chippewa, Odahwa, and Potawatomi reached the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and separated into three distinct tribes. That is not true.

The Metis or May-tay-wi-win

Their totem or dodem, handled the education and healthcare needs of the Anishinabe people. Their percentage of the Anishinabe population was obviously high. In fact, it may have been near as numerous as the Odahwa. They were sought out by Anishinabe government ogimak (leaders) if word spread that they were known to be prophets. Included in their ranks were doctors, farmers, nurses, prophets (psychics), and teachers. They are not a people of mixed ancestory as white historians suggest. The Metis represent a major totem of the Anishinabe Nation. Maytaywiwin is also pronounced as Midaywiwin. There were also many other totems or dodems in Anishinabe society but their percentage of the Anishinabe population was significantly smaller than the major totems or dodems of the Anishinabe people. Each totem or dodem, lived in every Anishinabe odahna (community, town, or village) and did not live in their own odahnak.

India is the best place at the present time to research the totemic system of the Atlanteans. Again the whites have corrupted the India totemic system or caste system. However, some event occurred long ago which altered the marriage law of the Atlantean totemic system in India. The marriage law of the Anishinabe totemic system clearly warned that it was against the law for members from the same totem or dodem, to marry each other. They had to marry members from other totems or dodems. It was considered by the Anishinabek, to be incest for members from the same totem or clan, to marry. If they were caught doing so they were probably executed.

In India, it is the complete opposite. Instead of marrying members from other totems, India's totemic system law specifically warns that members from the same totem or clan, must marry into the same totem or clan. It is against the law for members of India's totemic system to marry members from other totems or clans. Future earthlings will have no choice but to put the Anishinabek totemic system at the top of their lists for historical subjects to research. William W. Warren will be far more popular in the future than at the present time. What Warren learned and recorded in the 19th century, is the most important historical evidence ever produced. They will eventually learn sometime in the future, that the Anishinabek totemic system was responsible for human evolution, because the black (they may have evolved from the military and police totem) and white races, are descended from the Atlantean totemic system.

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