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Chief Pontiac's Defensive 1752-1764 War Against England & France

Below is a list of this wars battles. Some Ojibway People that allowed whites to establish a trade post within their domain without proper permission, instigated this war. Fort Pickawillany was allowed to be constructed by England by Ojibway People we will name Wini Zhan which means "Dirty Enemies" in Ojibway. Piqua, Ohio was later established there. This, last of them French and Indian Wars, was fought primarily by white instigators for control of that region between St. Lawrence River and Massachusetts. France did not settle or initiate Quebec Colony. Unless an area in northwest France was independent from Latin rule. England had lost their French Territory in mid 15th century, to Latin People or Italy. North France had a large Germanic population and they sided with England or continued to cling to their English identity. I do know Columbus used ancient Viking Maps to sail to North America. His first landfall was in eastern Canada. He continued his navigation south to where Florida is. Though in Europe, England and Italy were enemies, in North America and South America, they were possibly allies. To better explain it will be neccesary. From Quebec to Florida, were several white colonies in early 17th century. Quebec (New France), New Netherland, New Sweden, New England and New Italy which was located in Florida and several other southeast States. Italy was first to establish colonies in North America. Southeastern part of United States was an important location to Italy which controlled France, Portugal and Spain.

Germanic People from France and Netherland, sneaked their way to St. Lawrence River Valley in early 16th century and found non Algonquian Indians living there. They retreated back east and waited to establish a colony. They were obviously allied with England and Sweden. What they did was form alliances with non Algonquian Tribes to help them establish colonies. What caused France and Netherland to retreat, was invading Ojibway Soldiers led by chief Sagima. In early 17th century, they returned and established Quebec Colony or New France. They were aware that Ojibway People were now living throughout St. Lawrence River Valley and at war against non Algonquian Tribes that refused to cooperate with them. Those non Algonquian Tribes were ones that formed alliances with whites. South of New France was New Netherland. South of New Netherland was New Sweden. South of New Sweden was New England in what is now Virginia. South of Englands colony was New Italy. There was a difference. It was Germanic People against Latin People. Ojibway leaders didn't care. They knew from prophecy they could not trust any whites. Their idiotic Indian brethren were too stupid to know what was going on.

Battles of Pontiac's War

Battle of Piqua

Battle of Jumonville

Battle of Fort Necessity

Battle of Fort Beausejour

Battle of Monongahela

Battle of Lake George

Battle of Fort Bull

Battle of Fort Oswego

Kittaning Raid

Colonel Parkers Defeat

Battle of Fort William Henry

Battle of Bloody Creek

Battle of Snowshoes

Siege of Louisburg

Battle of Fort Carillon

Battle of Fort Frontenac

Battle of Fort Duquesne

Battle of Fort Ligonier

Raid on German Flatts

Battle of Fort Niagara

Battle of La Belle-Famille

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Battle of Beauport

Odanak Massacre

Battle of Quebec

Battle of Sainte-Foy

Battle of the Thousand Islands

Siege of Fort Detroit

Battle of Fort Sandusky

English Reinforcements Are Defeated

Battle of Fort St. Joseph

Battle of Fort Miami

Battle of Fort Ouiatenon

Battle of Fort Michilimackinac

Battle of Fort Venango

Battle of Fort Le Boeuf

Battle of Fort Presque Isle

Siege of Fort Pitt

Battle of Bloody Run

September 1763 Ojibwa Defeat

Battle of Devils Hole

Major John Wilkins November 1763 Defeat

Colonel Bradstreets October 18, 1764 Defeat

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