Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The First Battle of New York August 27, 1776

By March of 1776, England had reinforced their northern colonies with 10,000s of new English soldiers, and large supplies of modern day European weapons of war. England had also retaken the city of Boston back under their control by March of 1776, but the Anishinabe soldiers were stubborn and most willing to fight the invading English, to defend their beloved land. It is difficult to ascertain exactly what truly happened at New York City on August 27, 1776, but some signs point to the Anishinabe soldiers, forcing their way into the New York City region much earlier (probably soon after they laid siege to Boston), and then commenced to lay siege to the large unwanted English city. Anyway, on August 27, 1776 a very large English military force of over 40,000 soldiers landed at Gravesend Bay, to attempt to drive off the large Indian military force holding New York City in a siege. For three days (August 27-30) a major battle raged, but by August 30, probably accepting defeat, the brave Anishinabe soldiers commenced a retreat from the region. It must have broken the hearts of the mighty Anishinabek to give up the battle in the New York City region, as had obviously happened at Boston earlier in the year. The total English casualties in the long major battle was 2,065, with 375 killed and 1,690 wounded. I have no idea what the Indian casualties were but they definitely endured a great many casualties trying to defeat the more numerous and better armed English. England had now brought the New York City region back under their control, but the war raged on, and that includes in the New York City region where the Anishinabek and their allies, were still carrying out raids against the English. A few weeks after this battle was fought, another battle in the New York City region was fought.

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