Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The May 12, 1860 First Battle of Pyramid Lake

Nearly a week after the Williams Station Massacre, the 105 militia under the command of Major William Ormsby reached the Pyramid Lake region which probably had a large Indian population, including the native Indians of the Great Basin and their Anishinabe subjugators. This battle occurred at a time when the whites had the revolver but the terrifying weapon did not help them at this battle. After the 105 militia under Major Ormsby command reached the Pyramid Lake region on May 12, 1860, Anishinabe soldiers ambushed the small American militia force. Within a short time, 76 of the 105 militia were killed in the ambush. The Indian soldiers were led by Numaga. Many of the white militia who survived the battle were wounded in the battle. Indian casualties were minimal.

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