Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The First Battle of Sackett’s Harbor July 19, 1812

This battle was fought on Lake Ontario, near New York State, and was a naval battle between the Anishinabek and the whites. Approaching the white settlement of Sackett’s Harbor in their war canoes, the brave Anishinabe soldiers captured a white ship carrying food supplies, then sent a few individuals to warn the settlements inhabitants that they wanted two other ships which probably had sufficient amounts of weapons and ammunition. Instead of agreeing to the Anishinabe demands, the whites ordered the ships commanders to attack the large force of nearby Indian soldiers. What followed was a two hour battle which the whites won as a result of their superiors weapons. New York State would be one of the primary battlegrounds of the 1811-1815 War. Much of northern New York State was still under Anishinabe control at the time.

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