Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

First Battle of Talca

The Battles of Talca are considered to have been a part of the so called Chilean War of Independence but were really battles between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. Talca was a town controlled by the Anishinabe Army but as a result of earlier Anishinabe defeats, many of the Anishinabe soldiers stationed at Talca were sent to those locations where their help was needed. It left Talca with but a few soldiers to defend the town from a possible white assault. Anishinabe ogimak were more concerned with other locations and thought the whites were leave Talca alone. They were wrong. On March 3, 1814, soldiers from the white confederation who numbered some 300 as did the Anishinabe soldiers in Talca, launched an assault on Talca which the Anishinabe soldiers were not capable of stopping. Many Anishinabe casualties occurred and the small white military force took control of Calca. However, the battle for control of Calca was not over.

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