Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Fort Buford Massacre

This battle, which was more a siege, is one that is very controversial. Ogima Sitting Bull was supposedly a principle Ojibway ogimak during Siege of Fort Buford, which commenced in late 1866, and culminated with an Anishinabe capture of that unwanted American fort in February of 1867. Fort Buford Massacre was a part of Mullan Road War. A list of Mullan Road War battles is above. However, ogima Sitting Bull was a medicine man and supposed prophet who was at Fort Buford as a possible spiritual guide. News reports of Fort Buford Massacre were reported back east but they claim Fort Buford Massacre never occurred. However, there is too much evidence indicating an event occurred at Fort Buford which was situated very near Montana's border with North Dakota, where Missouri River and Yellowstone River meet.

After capturing Fort Buford, Ojibway Soldiers killed all 96 American Soldiers stationed at Fort Buford. They were not capable of killing Fort Bufords commanders wife. He killed her himself. All 97 whites stationed at Fort Buford were killed. However, 100s of brave Anishinabe Soldiers were killed and wounded. Anishinabe casualties at Siege of Fort Buford, likely were over 500 killed and wounded. Anishinabe military commenders would not try an all out attempt to destroy a white fort after this battle. It was too costly in Anishinabe blood. Whites had howitzers, machine guns, and revolvers.

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