Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Fort Prince George Massacre 1760

For the past couple of years the southern Anishinabek, their Indian allies, and their black allies had been launching devastating military raids on white settlers and white settlements, from Virginia to South Carolina. To attempt to stop the devastating raids the southern Anishinabe Confederation was carrying out, the southern whites probably lured 29 important Anishinabe leaders to Fort Prince George to attempt to negotiate a settlement to end the war with them. However, if they were actually carrying out treaty negotiations they instead used treachery to imprison the 29 important Anishinabe leaders. It made matters far worse instead of better. Upon learning of the 29 important Anishinabe leaders being imprisoned by the English the Southern Anishinabe Confederation intensified their raids on white settlers, then attempted to attack Fort Prince George in order to free the imprisoned 29 important Anishinabe leaders. Their attack on the fort failed and the English killed the 29 important Anishinabe leaders. It was not the first time the whites stabbed important Indian leaders in the back. Afterwards, the southern Anishinabek, their Indian allies, and their black allies once again launched devastating military raids on the southern English whites. This was a practice used by both the Indians and whites. However, white leaders more commonly captured important Indian leaders and executed them. The Indian leaders massacred may have been non Anishinabek who fell easy victims to the whites.

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