Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Forth Battle of Ciudad Juarez June 15-16, 1919

The city of Ciudad Juarez was still under Anishinabe control at this time, and that was not acceptable to white leaders. Since 1915, the Anishinabe soldiers of northern Mexico had been carrying out guerilla war tactics against the invading Americans and Mexican soldiers. In 1916, after the Battle of Columbus, the United States sent at least 10,000 new reinforcements to the north of Mexico, from New Mexico, to bolster the number of American soldiers there. After the American and Mexican soldiers approached Ciudad Juarez, they eventually recaptured the city. However, the Anishinabe soldiers were still holding on to other important cities of north Mexico including Durango, Torreon, and probably a few others. By this time the Anishinabe soldiers were probably war weary. The war would not last much longer.

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