Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The April-September 1850 Gila Expedition

On April 16, 1850, the 142 California militiamen, set off on their Gila Expedition to war upon their Yuma allies who killed 9 white men who forcefully took control of the ferry the Yuma people were using to transport illegal white settlers to the south of California. Between April and September of 1850, the 142 California militiamen fought several small battles with their Yuma allies. In September of 1850, the California Gila Expedition fought the last small battle of the expedition then ended it in defeat. The so called California Gila Expedition nearly bankrupt the State of California. It cost California over $113,000 to carry out the Gila Expedition. At the present time, i have not yet learned the number of Indian and white casualties endurred during the Gila Expedition, which was a military campaign of the 1850-1853 Yuma War. Since the Gila Expedition was carried out during the hottest time of the year, in the Arizona and California desert, it simply means the great heat is what defeated the small white militia force.

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