Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Grass Fight

This November 26, 1835 battle was another rebel white Texan victory. It was fought just south of where present day San Antonio, Texas is located, after the rebel white Texans brought San Antonio under their control after winning the Battle of Concepcion. On November 26, 1835, the rebel white Texans learned that a force of Anishinabe soldiers were near San Antonio carrying a pack train they initially thought carried silver. They knew the Anishinabe soldiers were going to attempt to retake San Antonio. They agreed to attack the force of 100 to 150 Anishinabe soldiers first. After launching the assault on the Anishinabe soldiers, more white reinforcements from San Antonio arrived to support the white soldiers fighting the Anishinabe soldiers. The new reinforcements brought the number of rebel white soldiers to 140. After a short fight Anishinabe commanders again ordered their soldiers to retreat from the battle against the better armed white soldiers. Anishinabe casualties were 3 killed and 14 wounded. White casualties were 4 wounded. After the Anishinabe soldiers withdrew from the battle, the whites learned that the Anishinabe pack train carried only grass for their horses.

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