Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Harmarís Second Defeat

Another detachment of American soldiers numbering over three hundred and fifty in all, were sent to a nearby village to destroy, but the Anishinabek, even though they were outnumbered, sent their soldiers to that village to do battle with their American enemy anyway, and then concealed themselves from view, in hopes of successfully ambushing their American enemy. The Americans had approached and then entered the Indian village, only to be attacked fiercely by the waiting brave Anishinabe soldiers, who were very well concealed from their view. The Anishinabe soldiers attacked the Americans in the battle that lasted for several long hours, repeatedly, devastating the three hundred and fifty American soldiers, who had only but one choice in the end, and that was to retreat from the battle they were losing. In their case, the second detachment of American soldiers fiercely fought their Indian foe but were incapable of bringing that battle under their control, although they did attempt again and again to try and force the Anishinabe soldiers out of the battle.

This second battle between General Harmarís soldiers and the Anishinabe soldiers, was more costly to the Americans than the first battle had been. Between 150 and 200 American soldiers became a casualty during that second battle, of whom, 113 American soldiers were killed. The American military expedition into the Ohio country under Gen. Harmar, was to the Americans, a very humiliating failure. The total number of American casualties in both battles was anywhere from 300 to more than 400, of whom, 183 had been killed. The victories had been a great one for the Anishinabek but a costly one as well. Though they had anywhere from five hundred to more than six hundred soldiers participating in the two battles, they had somewhere around 30 soldiers killed and another 15 who had suffered wounds, during the fierce battles against their American enemy. Close to another two hundred soldiers from the Sac and Fox Anishinabek, were to join up with the main group of Anishinabe soldiers but they showed up shortly after the battles had already been fought. Unable to accomplish what Harmars expedition was sent out to do, the Americans eventually made preparations to raise more soldiers up to further indulge in greed.

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