Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Major John Wilkins November 1763 Defeat

After losing Battle of Devil's Hole on Wednesday September 14, 1763, English Soldiers again attempted to send more reinforcements to Fort Detroit. They assembled more than 600 soldiers and over 20 bateaux or ships to sail to Fort Detroit, from Fort Niagara, by using Lake Erie. They included ammunition, food and weapons to bring to Fort Detroit. Major John Wilkins led his fleet to near where Cleveland, Ohio is, or mouth of Rocky River, which is a few miles west of Cleveland. Wilkins Defeat was a part of Pontiac's War. Below is a list of Battles of Pontiac's War. Ojibway Soldiers were patrolling Lake Eries coast and most definitely knew about that rather large English naval fleet. This was another naval battle between Ojibway Soldiers and their English enemy. According to historical records, a major storm occurred after that English fleet reached Rocky River. Most of them English ships were destroyed or received some degree of damage in that supposed storm. However, war was still raging on. Ojibway Soldiers were yet fighting their English enemy and that includes at Fort Niagara and western Pennsylvania. Ojibway canoes built specifically for large storage, could hold 20 to 40 sailors. They were known to frequently engage in naval battles against both their Indian enemies and white enemies. English casualties were 73 killed, and probably up to 100 wounded. Their supplies of ammunition, food and weapons intended for Fort Detroit, went down with their ships. Another similar incident happened to an English military force led by Colonel Bradstreet nearly one year later, where Major Wilkins incident happened.

Battles of Pontiac's War

Battle of Piqua

Battle of Jumonville

Battle of Fort Necessity

Battle of Fort Beausejour

Battle of Monongahela

Battle of Lake George

Battle of Fort Bull

Battle of Fort Oswego

Kittaning Raid

Colonel Parkers Defeat

Battle of Fort William Henry

Battle of Bloody Creek

Battle of Snowshoes

Siege of Louisburg

Battle of Fort Carillon

Battle of Fort Frontenac

Battle of Fort Duquesne

Battle of Fort Ligonier

Raid on German Flatts

Battle of Fort Niagara

Battle of La Belle-Famille

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Battle of Beauport

Odanak Massacre

Battle of Quebec

Battle of Sainte-Foy

Battle of the Thousand Islands

Siege of Fort Detroit

Battle of Fort Sandusky

English Reinforcements Are Defeated

Battle of Fort St. Joseph

Battle of Fort Miami

Battle of Fort Ouiatenon

Battle of Fort Michilimackinac

Battle of Fort Venango

Battle of Fort Le Boeuf

Battle of Fort Presque Isle

Siege of Fort Pitt

Battle of Bloody Run

September 1763 Ojibwa Defeat

Battle of Devils Hole

Major John Wilkins November 1763 Defeat

Colonel Bradstreets October 18, 1764 Defeat

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