Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

September 30, 1879 Meeker Massacre

Hours after they defeated the American soldiers at the Battle of Milk Creek, another group of Anishinabe soldiers attacked a station used by an Indian agent and killed 11 including the Indian agent Nathan Meeker. Meeker was not liked by the Anishinabek. He tried to persuade the Anishinabe ogimak to surrender but they were motivated by prophecy. After this massacre, the Anishinabe people continued their exodus into northwestern Colorado's rugged Rocky Mountains where they joined with other Anishinabek who had long lived there. They would eventually negotiate with the Americans but their final agreement reached with the United States probably occurred after 1887. In 1887, the Americans illicitly stole the Promised Land. They then forced the Anishinabe people to relocate to what is today the Ouray-Uintah Reservation of Utah.

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