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Ojibway Ancient Ruins

Those ancient civilized ruins in both Canada and the northeastern United States, have been deliberately claimed by the whites, to have been the creation of non Native American people. For a good reason, the whites have ignored the Anishinabek and other Native Americans of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, as being the people who created that ancient civilization. Since the Anishinabek originated on the eastern coastline of Canada, we can claim to be the creators of that ancient civilization which obviously flourished there long, long ago. Of course, it is our migration stories which proves that the Anishinabek lived on Canada's eastern coastline. Then we can't exclude a Viking origin for those ancient ruins. And the Vikings were most likely Anishinabe.

Of the ancient civilized ruins in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, that deserve the most attention, it is the most recent one discovered on Nova Scotia or Cape Breton Island,, which is believed by the whites to have been the creation of the Chinese at around 1420. They are wrong! That ancient civilized settlement is not only the creation of the Anishinabek, it is also far older than 588 years. On Nova Scotia as well, is the famous Oak Island, which is believed to be an old white European pirate treasure hiding place, which was dug up at around 1600. Some people have even went as far as to admit that Oak Island is an ancient Atlantean settlement. If Oak Island is in fact an ancient Atlantean settlement, we then have ourselves a very serious problem. They discovered coconut fibers at Oak Island in the 19th century.

That is extremely alarming! Why? Coconut trees only grow in tropical regions. The next closest location on mainland North America where coconut trees grow is southern Florida, where the climate is tropical. Even in the Story of Atlantis it is mentioned that the Atlanteans were capable of growing two food crops a year, with one in the summer time, and the other during the winter time. At the present time, it is hard enough to grow one food crop a year on Nova Scotia, because the climate is more cold than not there. Then we have those strange writings which were also discovered on Oak Island, which look strikingly similar to the Ojibway syllabics, to also take serious notice of.

We have the supposed Viking settlement located in Newfoundland to also have to be aware of. The whites believe that the Vikings constructed that eastern Canadian civilized settlement some 1000 years ago. Again the Vikings most likely were Anishinabe.Americas Stonehenge, which is located in New Hampshire, is another ancient civilized site which the whites believe was constructed by whites long before 1492, we must become aware of, for it is an ancient Anishinabek civilized settlement. Hopefully this information will enlighten you!

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