Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Nanabozho and Ojibwa Mythology

Ojibwa People did not know of Nanabozho. They had a belief in a creator. A creator that provided laws to them to live by. It was whites that corrupted Ojibwa People by fooling them into a belief in a trickster figure named Nanabozho. Were not stupid. It originated among whites in Europe. Bozho is obviously of white European origins. I don't know where "nana" originated. This Nanabozho must be erased by Ojibwa People because whites are using it to fool them. However, Ojibwa People must continue their belief in a creator. Nanabozho is being used by whites to fool Ojibwa People and that is not acceptable. Either this Nanabozho figure whites are using, must be willingly avoided by Ojibwa People or Ojibwa People will be forced to avoid Nanabozho. As whites tell you, they are using Nanabozho to fool you. Educated Ojibwa People will continue their belief in a creator. Their educated. Ojibwa People with a minimal education, will be fascinated by Nanabozho because of their minimal education. It's important for them to learn about a creator that provided them with laws to live by. Remember, we have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceitful.

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