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Nanabozho and Ojibwa Mythology

Beware all Anishinabek about Nanabozho, who is considered to have been an enlightment to Anishinabe People and other Algonquian Indians of North America. Nanabozho was not created by Anishinabek nor any other Indians from North America, but was created by whites in order to enlighten (Convey Messages) to whites. Nanabozho is not what has been glorified of him, but is an instrument (prophecy) which is intended to confuse Anishinabek and all other Native Americans. White people can decipher that confusement easily. On that other hand, Anishinabek are being led down a wrong path. Out west in British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, is another similar mythological figure known as Coyote. Most likely Coyote is no diffeent and must be avoided. Nanabozho must be avoided because of it's intentions. Similar to codes. We don't break laws. We follow laws.

Anishinabe People must not use Bozho as a greetings. Those well educated Anishinabe People know "bozho" greetings originated in Europe. What that means is very clear. White people have corrupted mythological tales of Native Americans. That is a no, no. There is what can rightfully be explained as a deliberate attempt on someones part, to make Nanabozho appear to be as an untrustworthy individual. What that represents is obviously a warning to Anishinabek and a deceitful message to be used by whites. How did Nanabozho become a backbone of white acceptance? If you did your research properly you would eventually come to understand that Nanabozho is far more important to whites, than Nanabozho is to Anishinabek and all other Native Americans. In other words, whites look upon Nanabozho, to have been created to specifically benefit whites of North America, and to further destroy their Native American brethren.

If any Anishinabek make it to a future time and their remaining land has been stolen by whites, those Anishinabek of that time must ignore Nanabozho. They must look upon Nanabozho as being their enemy. Everything written about Nanabozho must be destroyed by Anishinabek. And better yet, to teach all Anishinabek to completely forget Nanabozho ever existed among them, and that Nanabozho was created by whites to benefit the whites.

Midewiwin Society

It was supposedly created by Nanabozho. No it wasn't. Midewiwin Society was created by whites to fool Indians. It was also known as Grand Medicine Society. Secrecy was a major part of Midewiwin Society. If you researched Midewiwin Society and it's origins, you would learn that Anishinabe People were told they would have no need to fear sickness because they had their Midewiwin Society. Today, we know that is a lie. They were tricked into using their medicine to unknowingly kill themselves by whites. Their medicine made those diseases whites launched against them worse. After learning they were lied to, Ojibway leaders ordered their people to leave large villages to live in small family groups to avoid Plague Warfare assaults. Midewiwin priests hid Ojibway historical books and made copies of them when they became old and torn. Mormons later tricked or bought Ojibway Midewiwin priests, to show them where they hid their history books then stole them. Any Ojibway People who continue to follow Midewiwin Society are complete idiots. Forget about Midewiwin Society (you can obviously tell it was bogus because in Ojibway anything created by humans usually ends with i-gan or it should be written as Midewigan) and Nanabozho. Your not stupid.

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