Intensify Preparations

Whites are 100% convinved they can kill off non whites. I only need to watch tv to learn of their confirmation! And using the internet is also another tool whites are using to let non whites know, whites don't want anything to do with them. And I'm dealing with whites here where I live that are spying on me. Whites are very open about their intentions. I take their conduct seriously! Increase snatching Ojibway People and tribes friendly with them, from before 1900. Let their populations increase dramatically in their underground bases throughout the America's. And do the same for the Ojibway's, Asian's and Blacks living out in the Pacific Ocean Islands. I'm refering to Melonesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Austrailia and New Zealand. And also intensify snatching Japanese and Koreans from Japan and the Korean Peninsula, to increase their populations in their underground bases in Japan and Korea. Whites are in Japan and Korea to colonize those locations. This is no longer "use pause to find out what whites will do." Whites have evil intentions. This confirms non whites must consider whites a threat to their existence. Non whites living in the America's, except Ojibway People and tribes friendly with them and they are Atheists, Blacks and Chinese, must be buried in non white nations. When they die, their options are extremely limited. No Cremations! Burials must take place in non white nations. That will be very difficult because leaders of those non white nations will probably reject them. Most non white nations are under white control or are being subjugated by whites. They are in the wrong place! I don't know if non white leaders from the future will help them in any way. Ojibway People of this time will not follow prophesy out of fear. They have to deal with white terrorism! I strongly advise non whites from far in the future to not accept any Ojibway People, not following prophesy, born after 1900. They have to follow prophesy! They have been warned not to trust whites. They are not heeding to that warning. Either they follow prophesy or they accept Genocide! They have been warned what will happen. We are in the time of the 8th stopping place. White leaders of this time are increasingly confirming, they don't want anything to do with non whites. They are confirming to non white leaders, that white leaders are a complete disgrace to humanity!

White Leaders Are Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

Send your soldiers from your time (it's 1,000 or so years in the future) to lay complete waste to the families and family trees of white leaders. I don't care who they are. Torture them to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable. White leaders from long before this time (2021), from now and far into the future, have killed off 100's of millions if not billions of non whites so they can steal their land. They refuse to cooperate and actually think they are the victims. I have investigated my website stats and know most of my websites visitors are not legitimate. If they continue on with violating my website and social media sites, commence to killing their babies and children! If they don't give a dam, we don't give a dam! I have done work on my website for 12 years only to be victimized! The same is true for my Social Media Sites! White leaders are very open about killing off non whites. We stopped it however! They are not getting away with their crimes! We have been warned about whites through prophesy and take it seriously. They are ruining my home and have been assaulting and robbing me all my life. It is my intention to prevent whites from killing off non whites and we prevented whites from doing so. That is why those mother fuckin' baby killing white leaders from far in the future, are very angry at me. They should not have intruded into my life! They are using my conception to murder me. I told them to use my conception to benefit all of humanity. Instead, they are using my conception to murder incredible numbers of innocent people. I expect to live into my 90's, if not for over 100 years. However, they are desperate to murder me. My house heater is causing health problems. My health is deteriorating. They got everyone thinking the future is perfect. It isn't! What nearly everyone does not know, is the sickest poorest excuses for leaders to have ruled on this sick world, have yet to be born. They have murdered incredible numbers of innocent people so they can steal land. They have murdered incredible numbers of babies. That is how bad they are. They have no regard or remorse for human life, except their on kind. They don't give a dam!

Facebook & Youtube Are Charged With Cowardice & Desertion During Time of War

Youtube was first to resort to Cowardice & Desertion During Time of War! They have no future. If they want to fight a war using time travel to allow anyone affiliated with Youtube to live again, a war using time travel must be fought. They are not allowed to live again. That is law! Facebook is a complete disgrace. I tried creating a Facebook page with Elvis Presley music yet Facebook muted the videos. I have told Facebook many times to delete my Facebook account yet they won't. They are desperate to delete my Facebook account! Almost as desperate as those mother fuckin' baby killing white leaders from far in the future, are to kill off non whites. Facebook must delete my Facebook account. They are not living again. That is law! They have to delete my Facebook account because they want to. If they actually wanted my Facebook account to remain active, they would conduct themselves in a brave and honorable manner. They are mother fuckin' cowardly criminals. We have been warned not to trust whites. At this time, we know that warning not to trust whites, is correct. You are to consider white leaders a threat to humanity. Snatch greater numbers of Ojibway People and people from other tribes friendly with them and Polynesians and Aborigines from Australia, from far in the past and station them in their own underground bases. Don't snatch any Ojibway People and people from tribes friendly with them and Polynesians and Aboriginies from Australia, born after 1900. They are a disgrace! If they want to help themselves, they have to follow prophesy! They are using my conception to murder me. That is how bad they are! Below is a threat from Facebook! Hate and racism is being freely promoted all over Facebook. Read the information! And also remember that Facebook is actively promoting hate and racism! Facebook is trying to portray themselves as law obeying yet all those videos promoting hate and racism.

I have every right to reject Christianity and any other religion because they are not religions. They are what are rightfully described as scams. Whites from the future created those filthy money laundering programs for one purpose. To fool you! Their threats of my comments can't be seen except by me, must be listed as an act of cowardice. There is nothing wrong with my comment or comments. They want me dead! Facebook was created to violate me and many other innocent people. Facebook has one intention and that's to delete my Facebook account. Youtube already has! We are not stupid! I'm waiting for Facebook to delete my Facebook account. When that happens, you are to instruct your soldiers from the time era (about 1,000 years from now) you live in, to invade this time era and before this time era, to wage war against the owners and government agencies that control Facebook. Your soldiers can do what they want to them. If they know of non whites working for whites, those non whites working for whites, must be horrifically murdered. We are dealing with Genocide and they don't give a dam. And if no one except me can see this information on my website, it does not matter. The information I provided is for non whites far in the future or about 1,000 years from now.

Last year they broke my arm (radius bone) because of the video. I had to have surgery because of the premediated crime. They have now destroyed my right foots big toe nail. My right foots big toe has an ingrown toenail that is infected. I found out it was infected on Monday January 31, 2022. The doctor prescribed anti-biotic medication yet after I went to their phamacy, they told me to wait about 30 minutes then come back to get the medication. I went to a store then returned and was told they didn't have enough of the medication. They talked me into having the prescription sent to my regular pharmacy to be delivered after I requested to receive what little of the medication they had. The prescription was for 28 anti-biotic pills. Their pharmacy does not deliver medications. They called my regular phamarcy to send them the prescription. They told me my regular pharmacy would deliver the aniti-biotic medication that same day of January 31, 2022 yet they didn't. Next day of February 1, 2022, I called my regular pharmacy and they told me they had the prescription then I requested that the anit-biotic medication be delivered that same day of February 1, 2022 which they agreed to do. However, they lied. They did not deliver the anti-biotic medication until Wednesday February 2, 2022. I'm dealing with an infection and they want me dead! They could have at least let my have what few of the prescribed anti-biotic medication they had on January 31, 2022. Send your your soldiers from your time era to this time era, to investigate and punish those responsible for what happened including punishing their families and family trees. My right foots big toenail has been detroyed because of the premediated crime. The information on this page pertaining to saving Ojibway People, tribes friendly with them, Polynesians and Aborigines is why they destroyed my right foots big toenail. Quite the insult!. Be extremely brutal and gruesome with them. I'm deliberately not getting proper healthcare treatment.


They (white leaders) are getting it done the cowards way! They are using planes to spray chemicals over cities, towns and villages. Why would they do that? To kill off non whites. You only need to use google earth to investigate where the chemtrailing is being carried out. If you know the city, town or village is anywhere from 90% to 100% white, investigate by using google earth. Cities, towns and villages that are predominantly non white, are being targeted for massive chemical warfare assaults! Investigate first to learn the communities demographics, then use google earth to notice discrepancies. White leaders have no regards or remorse for their actions. They are waging war against their own nations to carry out racial cleansing programs! They don't give a dam if they are killing babies. In fact, they take great pride in being baby killers!

Intensify War Against The Creators of the Internet

They are up to their old tricks again. My internet connection is high speed internet or cable internet yet in the past month I have noticed the speed has decreased to that of or near dial up internet. They want me gone or dead! Send your your soldiers to this sick time period from the time period you live in (it's about 1,000 or so years in the future) and lay complete waste to their families, family trees, ect. Be extremely brutal and gruesome with them! You already know who they are. And they don't give a dam. This vicious war has been fought for quite a long time and the white coward refuses to behave themselves. They are constantly causing trouble and will not conduct themselves like law obeying citizens. I have to pay over $75 a month for internet access! It's another premediated crime I have to deal with! I'm not asking for these problems. I'm telling them to leave me alone and they will not leave me alone. They can control anyone's computer by using their computer. I'm not stupid. They are violating my computer! Bill Gates is an example. His Microsoft garbage is being utilized for illegal activity. My website stats are difficult to ascertain yet with support from websites that track illegal activity on the internet, I know Bill Gates is a criminal. Finding legal clicks is simple. Same for illegal clicks. Microsoft Azure (their web address is and many other addresses) is a Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit company. Not an Internet Service Provider. Any clicks from them are illegal. Today, Monday November 29, 2021, my website received 45 clicks from Microsoft Corporations Microsoft Azure Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit. So of the 106 clicks my website received today, 45 were illegal. I did not investigate all the other clicks so the real number of illegal clicks is higher than 45. This is what I have to deal with. And they want me to pay to advertise! Over 20 years ago, I did pay to advertise online, only to have been advised that the money I spent to advertise online, led to lawsuits against the online companies I paid to advertise on the internet! They were already telling me to fuck off over 20 years ago!

White Baby Killers

Andrew Blackbird was quick to let Ojibway People know of the cowardly actions of white baby killing leaders. Below are excerpts from his 1887 book. He was born around 1820 or possibly a few year earlier yet was educated about what whites did to Ojibway People. He constantly wrote about Ottawa People being a distinct tribe. They were not a distinct tribe! They were Ojibway's that caused Ojibway People much trouble. They were Ojibway traders and not very numerous. Whites at white trade posts, lured them to their trade posts by using alcohol. They made buffoons out of them! Blackbird was not Ojibway and that includes Ottawa Ojibway. He knew about an incident during Pontiac's War in which Ojibway Soldiers were fighting the Italians (France which was under Italian rule during those times) and England. Italy had agreed to allow England to lead their Quebec Colony because Ojibway Soldiers were dominating them during that war. Italy was first attracted to St. Lawrence River in the early 16th century. They were colonizing South America first and the Carribean. In the 1560's, Italy established an Italian Colony in Florida. Italy had estabished important locations in eastern North America to be colonized after establishing a military presence near St. Lawrence River and their colony in Florida. Of all locations in the America's whites favored to colonize, eastern North America was considered most important. They knew climate conditions of eastern North America would attract white settlers. They used the British Isles to build up their military strength. The English Language is a language made up of many European Languages. Celtic, Germanic, Latin, ext. The name of the Ojibway village in Michigan decimated by the cowardly acts of whites was Wa-ga-na-ki-zi. It extended 15 to 16 miles from north to south and was a mile in width. Population of Wa-ga-na-ki-zi before white baby killing leaders destroyed the large Ojibway village, was 50,000 to 100,000. Nearly all Ojibways were killed. Babies, children, men and women were all killed by the cowardly actions of whites. During the so called American Revolutionary War, white baby killing leaders used plague warfare to kill millions of Ojibways and people from other tribes. Between Hudson Bay and the Rocky Mountains, millions of Ojibway's and people from other native tribes, were murdered by white baby killing leaders. By late 18th century, England had reached McKenzie River where Russians were established and formed an alliance with Russia. Though millions of Ojibway's had been murdered by the cowardly acts of white baby killing leaders, they fought on. And the Cowardice of whites continues.

Commence Killing White Leaders Far In The Future

They are continuing their violation of my computer printer. I've had it with them! It's Tuesday March 30, 2021 and the printer is bothering them again. Request for non white soldiers from far in the future (that's far in the future time you live in) and we will wage war against white leaders responsible for what is going on now. We will war upon their entire families with a venegeance, from this time era (2021), before this time era and from your time era and far ahead of your time era. White leaders are going to cooperate! They have to. We are going to force them to cooperate. White leaders of this time era will not cooperate which means we have no choice but to wage war upon white leaders far in the future. It has to happen if we are going to prevent a Genocidal program! They are not behaving themselves!

It's not a question of "Are White Leaders Going Down The Wrong Road." It's a question of "White Leaders Went Down The Wrong Road." That's understood by all aware now! Find as many important white leaders from far in the future from this sick time period and kill them. We are going to force them to cooperate. They are not going to carry out a Genocidal program. Use people from this time and before to carry out the killings. If you want to include soldiers from your time era, going ahead. White leaders from this sick time are only getting worse. They refuse to cooperate and are increasingly carrying out premeditated crimes. All wealthy people that have premeditated crimes against me and all other innocent people, are now charged with Crimes Against Humanity! They must be punished in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable. If you can't kill them, you know what that means! You kill their family members including from their family trees. Since they have refused to behave themselves and continue to resort to premeditated crimes, I am enforcing law! They are criminals with evil intentions. Incredible numbers of innocent people are victims of their premeditated crimes. They will not share wealth yet instead keep it to themselves. People worth billions of dollars or 100's of millions of dollars, are the culprits behind most criminal activity. Poor people too frequently turn to crime as a result of inequality in wealth. How could one person have billions of dollars, while another person only a few hundred dollars? We are ruled by criminals! It will stay that way for a very long time. What you have been taught about the future is incorrect. It's far worse in the future. It's going to get worse! Their greed and selfishness in the future, caused them to murder billions of innocent humans. And they don't have any regards or remorse for what they have done. They could care less. And they take tremendous pride in being liars and baby killers. We are going to war upon them from this sick time era with a vengeance!

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Ojibwe Medications

Though there is no historical evidence that confirms Ojibway People practiced alchemy, what information Ojibwa authors and whites did provide, indicate that Chippewa People did practice alchemy. Maybe not like other peoples yet their known medications are extensive and were used by other peoples including whites. Below is a list of some medications used by Ojibwa Conjuror's and what they were used for. Some may send you a wrong conclusion yet they did have medications for those ailments! They had treatments for countless ailments. Their medications were either conjured up in tea form, fumes to be inhaled or as a cream or paste. By early 20th century, most Chippaway People had been forced to accept medical support provided by whites. They had to do so per treaty agreements. We can trace shorter life spans today's Ojibwe People live, to those treaties they signed with white leaders. Before whites subjugated Chippaway People, they lived long lives. Warren wrote that many an Ojibway lived well into later generations and though much older than their offspring, they impressed their offspring (great, great, great, great, great, great grand children) with how much they knew.


To help their patients take bitter or very unpleasant medications, Ojibway Conjuror's knew maple sugar would mask medication tastes. They add "Paper Birch" to maple sugar also. Of course, maple sugar was added to tea's to their patients approval. Children were far more prone to reject bitter or bad tasting medications. Since Ojibwa Territory was vast, in those locations where maple trees did not grow, other ingriedients like honey, was used as a mask or coating.


Yes, Ojibwe Conjuror's conjured up pain medications. They discovered plants or other sources that acted as pain killers, by investigating wild animals. That includes carnivores. However, herbivores were more frequently investigated than carnivores and omnivores.

Bear's Fat, Balsam Poplar & Large Toothed Poplar: Ma-kwa Bim-i-de, A-sa-di, No-min-i-gan (ointment)

Chippewa Conjuror's melter bears fat first. They place Balsam Poplar and Large Toothed Poplar buds into stewed melted bears fat to conjure up an ointment, cream, paste or paste. They use the ointment to cure ear-aches, to sooth boils, healing wounds and to treat ulcers.

Mountain Maple: Shi-shi-ga Wig-was (Emetic Bark)

They extract pith (tissue) from it's twigs, then pinch off small particles they place on the eye to clean the eye from that that irritates the eye. The solution becomes sticky which allows for removal of the foreign matter by using the pith. To rid eye's (sore eye's) of pain, they soak the pith in water to conjure up a lotion that rids eye's of pain.

Spreading Dogbane: Geg-ga Mi-sha Wa-bi-gan (Nearly Blue Flower) - Sha-bon-i-gan Ti-bish-ko (Needle Like) - Mi-de Wid-ji Bik (Medicine Companion Root)

It's stalk and root are steeped in water to conjure up medications to help pregnant women keep their kidneys functioning normally and as a treatment for coated tongues, head-aches and throat troubles.

Indian Turnip: Sha-sha Go-min

Ojibwa Conjuror's use it's root to treat sore eye's. They probably steep the root in water to conjure up a lotion to rid sore eye's of pain. Whites took to using this root to treat asthma, chronic bronchitis, flatulent colic and rheumatism. They possibly learned how to do so from Ojibway's.

Spotted Touch-me-not: O-sa Was-se (Yellow Light)

CAUTION MUST BE USED! Juice from this plant was used by Ojibwe Conjuror's to heal head-aches. They rub the juice on the head to supposedly cure head-aches. It's used for other unknown ailments also. It's description on how to use is too similar to hair medications. Thus, the source probably used deceit! Whites took to using this Ojibwa medication to treat skin problems.

Blue Cohosh: O-zhi Gi-mish

Chippaway Conjuror's use the root of this plant, to conjure up a medication to treat women experiencing painful menstruations (periods) or cramps. It's a root used to treat other ailments also. Whites took to using this Ojibway medication to treat hysteria and uterine diseases. It is thought to prevent abortions or miscarriages.

Speckled Alder: Bik Chi Gash-ki (Root To Sew)

This information may be off. According to source, Ojibwe Conjuror's use the root to treat blood in stools. They steep the root in water to conjure up a tea then gave to patient. Whites took to using this Ojibwa medication to treat skin scrapes. They use the root in powder form.

Low Birch: Bi-ne Waan (Partridge Tip)

Tiny cones from this clever tree, are used by Chippewa Conjuror's to treat catarrh including chronic catarrh. They place the tiny cones on a plate of heated coal which causes fumes to rise. The patient then inhales the fumes. Whites have never used this Ojibway medication!

Hazelnut: Ma-kwa Pa-kan (Bear Nut)

Bark from the hazelnut bush, are used by Chippaway Conjuror's to treat cut's. They boil the bark until it becomes very tender then they pound the tender bark into a paste. They then place the ointment or paste, on the affected cut. Whites have never used this Ojibwe medication.

Lesser Cat's-Foot: Way-yay-kwa A-Ni-bish (Everlasting Leaf)

Investigating information about this plant's native region, indicates how extensive Ojibwa Territory is. This plant is native to northern Europe, Asia and Alaska. A tea is conjured up by Ojibwe Conjuror's to treat women after they have gave birth. It's use is to purge the afterbirth and heal women internally. Whites also use this plant!

Large-Leaved Aster: Nas-ko-si Is-shush

CAUTION MUST BE USED! This is another root used by Chippaway Conjuror's to conjure up a tea used to cure head-aches. A patient's head is bathed in the tea water which cured their head-ache. However, since the tea water was used on patients heads, it indicates possible use on hair. Whites never used this medication!

Daisy Fleabane: No-kwe-si-gan (Perfume)

Ojibwa Conjuror's use this plant to cure head-ache's. The source did not indicate what part of this plant was used to conjure up a medication. Supposedly Flambeau Ojibway's used this plant!

Tall Blue Lettuce: Ta-ta-sha-bo (Milk)

Lactating women with caked (dried milk) breasts, were treated with a tea conjured up by Ojibwe Conjuror's from this plant. It's also used to treat diarrhea and vomiting, besides use for pain. Whites also took to using this plant.

Indian Cup Plant: Sha-sha Ashk (Square Stem)

They look similar to sunflowers. Ojibway Conjuror's use this plant for several medicinal reasons. They conjure up a tea from this plant's roots to treat back pains or rheumatic pains. Other uses include treating stomach troubles and to treat hemorrhaging. Whites also took to using this plant!

Fragrant Goldenrod: O-sa Was-se (Yellow Light)

This plant's flowers are used by Chippaway Conjuror's to treat chest pains. The source explained that Chippewa Conjuror's used infusion or steeped the flowers in water, to make a tea to treat chest pains. Whites also took to using this plant!


Philadelphia Fleabane: Ma-go sa Osh-kan (Odor of Hoof)

This plant's flowers are used to conjure up a tea to break a patient's fever. Other uses include burning it's dried flowers for patients suffering from head colds to inhale the fumes. Another use is to pulverize the flowers then insert the powdered result into a patient's nostrils which then causes the patient's to sneeze. Whites also took to using this plant for medicinal reasons.


Joe-Pye Weed: Pa-gi-so-win (bathing)

Chippewa Conjuror's used this plant to bathe infants and young children until age of six. They use the plant's root, to conjure up a strong solution to be placed in bath water, then clean the patients. Whites also took to using this plant!

Bunchberry: O-day-min Bik (Stawberry Root)

Babies suffering from Colic (crying) are treated with a tea Ojibwa Conjuror's conjured up by using the plant's roots. The source may have not been reliable concerning this medication. This plant's berry is similar to strawberries. They possibly made a sweet drink from it's berries, to treat babies that constantly cry. Further investigating must happen to detect this plant's medicinal qualities. Whites have never used this plant as a medication!

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