Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Ogima Pontiac

There is something very suspicious and intriguing about the great Anishinabe ogima Pontiac. Pontiac was already during the 1755-1763 French and Indian War, an important ogima (leader) of the Anishinabe Nation. By the end of the French and Indian War, the Anishinabe Nation were left with but the option of continuing their war against the invading greedy English and French hordes. The great Anishinabe ogima, Pontiac, rose up to become the dominant Anishinabe ogima, and under his leadership the Anishinabek organized their soldiers, and their allies soldiers, to continue the war against the greedy invading English and French hordes. Although the Anishinabek were incapable of defeating the English Empire, they did succeed in halting, momentarily, the fast advance of the invading greedy English hordes. Over 2,000 English were killed, wounded, and captured by Pontiacs soldiers as they bravely battled them to attempt to stop their advance upon their lands.

By 1767, Pontiac made his decision to move to the Anishinabe land along the south shores of Lake Michigan, near present day Chicago. Pontiacs intentions were to flex the might of the Anishinabe Nation in the Illinois region, where the English were commencing to initiate trade with the Illini and Miami Anishinabek. However, the true intentions of the powerful Anishinabe Nation were probably to initiate an easy route to the Spanish of eastern Missouri, near present day St. Louis, then invade firther into Mexico, or into the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas region. Pontiac may have lived up to 1779 and led the Anishinabe Army during the so called American Revolutionary War.

However, their Illini papas were an obstacle that stood between the Anishinabek and the English and Spanish, that had to be dealt with, and Pontiac and all other high ranking ogimak (leaders) of the Anishinabe Nation, definitely knew about it. Pontiacs assasination may have occurred in 1779 and not 1768 or 1769, as historians claim. Illini ogimak allowed English soldiers, probably disguised as traders to enter their villages. They eventually found where ogima Pontiac was staying and assassinated him. So enraged were the rest of the Anishinabe Nation with the actions of the Illini Anishinabek, they ordered their soldiers to wage a war against the Illini. They nearlly exterminated them.

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