Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Raid on Elizabethtown February 7, 1813

This battle was fought just south of the Saint Lawrence river in New York State. From Ontario, a force of a couple of hundred Anishinabe soldiers once again targeted a white settlement to attempt to capture weapons and ammunition, as well as food supplies, which they were obviously in need of. About three days before the Anishinabe raid on Elizabethtown, Anishinabe soldiers launched a raid on the settlement of Ogdensburg, New York. They captured badly needed weapons and ammunition, as well as white prisoners. After the Anishinabe soldiers reached Elizabethtown they launched their raid, then quickly retreated with the badly needed weapons and ammunition. Not very many casualties occurred. It was primarily a raid to capture weapons and ammunition, in order to equally fight the whites.

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