Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Apocalypse

Prepare your citizens for possible catastrophes. What's this about? It's about white leaders proving to Native Americans, that they are not their brothers and sisters. White leaders are enraged. I recently made a video titled Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. Click Here To Watch Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. It has increased the hate and rage of them whites. This must be taken very seriously by all non whites. It tells me white leaders want catastrophes to happen. Non white leaders throughout the world must take action. We have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceptive.

The Raid on Fort Oswego May 6, 1814

This battle was fought near where present day Oswego, New York is situated. A force of 1,440 white soldiers were in Fort Oswego anticipating military action soon to erupt (the weather had warmed up - it was early May) in their vicinity, and to the north and west of Lake Ontario. After the brave Anishinabe soldiers assembled just north of Lake Ontario, they entered their large war canoes then set their naval fleet to sail for the Fort Oswego region. They arrived there on May 5, 1814, and were soon joined by the Anishinabek of that region, and spotted by Fort Oswego’s scouts, who alerted the forts garrison about the Anishinabe naval fleet that just landed, which led the forts garrison to commence to prepare for the battle soon to erupt. Once the Anishinabe soldiers had assembled after waking up on May 6, they attacked both the fort and the nearby town. They advanced on the fort then commenced to attempt to enter the fortification but were met with resistance at first, but as more Anishinabe soldiers came the forts garrison unanimously agreed to flee their fortification. White casualties in the battle were 24 killed, 101 wounded, and 25 captured then probably killed later on or enslaved by the prophesy weary Anishinabek. After capturing the fort the Anishinabe soldiers also captured the forts military supplies and also the forts food supplies.

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