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Declaration of War (it's time to Sacrifice)

This is a message to a non white entity from the future. Prepare your soldiers for combat. The white boy is not going to man up. There is an increase in activity where i live which is no different from last year yet they are letting me know they are going to carry out a Genocidal Program to kill off Indians and blacks. I will not tolerate it. I can tell just from my website and email, what them whites are planning. Have your police follow police here in Great Falls, Montana. That be from the establishment of Great Falls, Montana Police Department in 1888, to well into the future from this time i live in. They can do what they want to them and their extended family lines. I suspect there are either government agents here where i live or agents from a future time. Have your soldiers (not police) follow them. They can do what they want to them and their extended family lines. Whoever is responsble for this increased activity will be held accountable. They could be from the future or from this time. I'm aware of what preordained means. Instruct your soldiers to wage war on those who are responsible and also wage war on their extended family lines. I have been promoting the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana throughout my website and i know some entity is intruding. Do not allow any person or persons or entity or entities, who are a part of this conspiracy to kill off Indians and blacks, to live again. That's law. Genocide is very serious. It's obvious the white boy does not want to man up. I can tell you right off that white leaders from the future are far more determined to kill off Indians and blacks. They may be responsible. We are nothing to the future. The future thinks we are puppets. Those white leaders from the future, will kill any white leaders from this time who give in. It is important to wage war on them. We have no choice. They have power over this era. They can force their will to achieve what is important. Indian leaders are in a serious predicament. However, the future can pull strings for my goal of gaining Tribal Recognition at numerous Indian Reservations, for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana.

I will continue to try and gain Tribal recognition for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana, at numerous Reservations. I have done a great deal of research the last few months and from evidence i have discovered, chief Rocky Boy was set aside many Reservations in the United States, Canada and possibly Dominica and Puerto Rico. It deals with the infamous 10 an Acre Treaty which was ratified in April of 1904. Many forest Reserves were set aside ajacent to Indian Reservations for chief Rocky Boy who agreed to accept the infamous 10 an Acre Treaty for those Ojibway's who continued to refuse to recognize the infamous 10 an Acre Treaty. In Montana, Little Belt Forest Reserve or Black Hills Indian Reservation (thus the reason for why so many Ojibway's were in Helena in 1909), was set aside on August 16, 1902, as was Madison Forest Reserve or Black Hills Indian Reservation. Madison Forest Reserve is located south and west of Anaconda and Butte. During those times 1900-1908, a rather large Ojibway population lived there. Madison Forest Reserve was obviously a part of Lemhi Shoshone Reservation or added to Lemhi Shoshone Reservation. Flathead Forest Reserve or Black Hills Indian Reservation, was enlarged in 1903. I know from old newspaper articles many Ojibway's were living there years before 1903. Chief Rocky Boy led many there in 1902. Highwood Mountains Forest Reserve or Black Hills Indian Reservation, was set aside on January 1, 1903. Minnesota Forest Reserve which is known today as Chippewa National Forest, was set aside in June of 1902 for Montana Ojibway's led by chief Rocky Boy. Many other Montana Ojibway's were Deported to White Earth Reservation in late 1902. White historians are liars. On January 17, 1903 Luquillo Forest Reserve was set aside in Puerto Rico. I suspect it was set aside for Montana Ojibway's. In 1903, Carib Territory was set aside in Dominica. I suspect it was set aside for Montana Ojibway's. There may be at least 16 locations where land was set aside for Montana Ojibway's led by chief Rocky Boy, between March of 1902 and April of 1904. In Canada, land was set aside for Montana Ojibway's led by chief Rocky Boy, between 1902 and 1904. I must do more research to find those Reserves. In early 1902, chief Rocky Boy commenced a campaign to have new Ojibway Reservations set aside. It dealt with the infamous 10 an Acre Treaty which was ratified in April of 1904. Per treaty agreements with chief Rocky Boy, American leaders agreed to set aside new Reservations. Most were forests added to existing Reservations. I will also continue to try and gain Federal Recognition for the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians here in Great Falls with a Reservation adjacent to Great Falls.

Route 66

You would think that this has not the slightest thing to do with Anishinabe history. You are wrong however. Route 66 is an Anishinabe road which is probably at least 1,300 years old. After the Anishinabe people became aware of the Seven Fires Prophecy, they did as instructed and commenced to search for the land mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy. They not only ventured westwards they also built large canoe shaped ships and sailed to Europe. They are the famous Vikings. They were not stupid and knew a people from the east would invade with intentions on exterminating them. About the diasporas towards the west. It would be obstinate to think they used only one path. So at least two and possibly 3 or 4 paths, were used by the Anishinabe people of those times (700s or the 8th century).

One road obviously led from eastern Canada to the Montana region. Today, that road is known as the Fisk Wagon Trail and Mullan Road. The road eventually led to the Columbia River of Washington State and then the Pacific Ocean. Near the location in Washington where the Mullan Road reaches the area where the Columbia River leads back up to Canada where it begins, the road followed and still does. However, it is Route 66 which is are subject. Below is a map of Route 66. And Route 66 was not a road the whites carved out. You'll notice that Route 66 starts where present day Chicago, Illinois is located. However, the Route 66 road actually extended much further eastwards to what is now the province of Quebec. About 1,300 years ago the Great Lakes had yet to flood that area. So Route 66 probably started somewhere in the east of Quebec and followed the road which went towards Montana for quite some way. Where the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is, is probably where the road branched off and went towards what is now the Chicago, Illinois Region.

Continuing on with their search for the land they were told to find. Anishinabe explorers eventually reached what is now the Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona region. From probably the north of Texas, they branched off a new road which went down to what is now Mexico. They eventually invaded southern Mexico. They became the famous Aztecs. Back up in the north of Texas and also Oklahoma and Kansas, they became the Wichita or Pawnee. They also settled down in Arizona and New Mexico. They are the famous Anazasi (Amazasi people - the name America is derived from Amazasi - in the north of Africa where the Berbers live, the name is pronounced as Amazigh) of that region. Anishinabe is not the correct name for the Atlantean people. It is in fact Amazasi. Amazon is probably the correct pronunciation. The Anishinabe people also invaded South America after they brought Mexico and Central America under their control. They are the famous Inca of South America.

Anyway, after the whites invaded, the Anishinabe people fought a brutal unequal war against the white invaders who used plague warfare and their superior weapons to dominate. By the early 18th century, Anishinabe ogimak (leaders) knew from prophecy they needed to move not only the Anishinabe people but all other Indian peoples, away from the white invaders who want to exterminate Native Americans. They used both the Mullan Road and Route 66. Many Anishinabek and other Indians and even their black allies, migrated as far as southern California. Though the United States brought all of California under their control by 1850, southern California was especially difficult to colonize. Lack of water and a large Anishinabe population and their Indian and black allies, prevented the white invaders from sending large numbers of white invaders to southern California. That changed in the 1880s. Route 66 is a National Landmark to the Anishinabe Nation.

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