Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Royalton Raid October 1780

The war was still in progress in the northern New York State and Vermont region, in late 1780. In October of 1780, a force of a few hundred white soldiers and their Iroquois allies, set off on a military offensive against the brave Anishinabe soldiers, who were still waging a war against the whites who lived just to their east (eastern Vermont) on the border. On October 16, 1780, the Anishinabek had sent their brave soldiers out to eastern Vermont, to attack and destroy several white towns, including Royalton, Sharon, and Tunbridge (it is known historically as the Royalton Raid), which they carried out successfully. In response to the new Anishinabe raids, the white military force with their Iroquois allies, launched an attack on Anishinabe defense locations in and around Lake Champlain and Lake George, as well as the Mohawk Valley. Their goal was to destroy any military and food supplies of the Anishinabek. They had come down from Canada probably more so because they were receiving indications that the Anishinabek were planning on attacking either Montreal or Quebec City again. They captured 26 Anishinabek then took them back to Canada and killed them. I donít what the total white casualties were at the Royalton Raid, and at the military skirmishes at Lakes Champlain and George, and the Mohawk Valley, were.

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